The International Alliance for Justice

The International Alliance for Justice (IAJ) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization committed to international solidarity and the protection of human rights through the promotion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. IAJ was founded in 2001 and is now an extensive network of NGOs with bases in the Near and Middle East as well as beyond.
The IAJ aims to promote and reinforce the emergence of civil society through democratic processes, and to support actions which promote national reconciliation and hold individuals accountable for their actions. To this end, the IAJ has organised and initiated numerous informational and educational programs on human rights, the rights of women, democratic values, fundamental liberties, freedom of expression, the rule of law, and transitional justice. IAJ’s programs support also the search for innovative solutions to long-standing conflicts, encouraging dialogue on issues such as refugees, minorities, and economic, cultural, and social rights. The information campaigns of the IAJ are intended always for ordinary citizens, but aim also to include and engage the leaders of political institutions and organisations across Europe and North America, in addition to their democratic colleagues in the Near and Middle East.
 In partnership with No Peace Without Justice, IAJ has developed an extensive democracy program, focusing in particular on Iraq’s transition to democracy. Previous events held either in Venice and Rome, Italy, and in Erbil and Bagdad, Iraq, have sought to foster the development of democratic principles amongst both Iraq’s people and leaders by encouraging open and inclusive dialogues on a variety of practical and political sensitive issues.

No Peace Without Justice

No Peace Without Justice is an international nonprofit organisation founded by Emma Bonino and born of a 1993 campaign of the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty that works for the protection and promotion of human rights, democracy, the rule of law and international justice, and undertakes its work within three main thematic programs:


Priorities for action for all programs are selected on the basis of the needs as determined on the ground, involving all stakeholders in the design and implementation of activities.  In advocacy activities, NPWJ raises awareness and fosters public debate through explicitly political campaigns and the implementation of key programs, such as international and regional meetings, often co-hosted and co-organised with Government of the country in which they are held, fostering partnerships between public institutions, non-governmental organisations and other actors in society, to attain stakeholders’ ownership both of the political drive and of the results. NPWJ also undertakes wide-ranging technical assistance, through the secondment of legal experts to governments for the drafting of legislation and to assist in negotiations on international human rights instruments. Finally, NPWJ has acquired unique field experience in "conflict mapping" and widescale documentation of violations of international humanitarian law in areas affected by conflicts and in implementing outreach programs engaging local communities in conflict and post-conflict areas on issues of international criminal justice.

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